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       Two novice teachers in the DeQueen-Mena Education Service Cooperative were selected as Outstanding Novice Teachers for the 2019-2020 graduating class of new teachers.  All teachers in Arkansas are supported by their Educational Service Coop for the first three years of teaching through a Novice Teacher Mentoring Program. Mrs. Liz Bowman, fifth grade teacher at Horatio Elementary and Mrs. Jessica Gallagher, third grade teacher at Oscar Hamilton Elementary in Foreman were recently presented with their awards as Outstanding Novice Teachers in their cohort.  Congratulations to these educators!         

       “Ms. Bowman brings history to life through her use of original documents and application to today’s world,” according to Mrs. Janis Bremer, Recruitment and Retention Specialist with DMESC.  “Her lessons are always well prepared and engaging for the students through the use of technology every day.”  In Ms. Bowman’s life outside the classroom, she hunts alligators.  “The kids love to hear my alligator hunting stories,” laughs Ms. Bowman.  No matter what the topic, Ms. Bowman’s class is a great place to be.

      Creating engaging real-world student simulations is a strength for Mrs. Jessica Gallagher, who spent her first three years teaching middle school in Ashdown.  Ms. Gallagher, working in partnership with a colleague on the projects, shared,  “Every time we had an idea for another student simulation, we would look at each other and know we were ‘biting off more than we could chew’, and then just agree to go for it. Our greatest asset as new teachers was that we didn’t know we couldn’t do it!”  A favorite project allowed students to become engineers tasked with building a new school.  Now a third grade teacher, Ms. Gallagher will certainly bring her creativity and work ethic to enrich her new students’ educational experiences. 

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