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DMESC/SWESC 2019 Junior High Quiz Bowl Results

DMESC/SWESC 2019 High School Quiz Bowl Results


Congratulations to Ouachita River School District

The Arkansas Department of Education Office of Computer Science is pleased to announce the winners of our Innovation in Computer Science School Grant Program announced via Commissioner’s Memo COM-19-030<> on September 11, 2018. These 15 schools were selected based on proposals that indicated efforts to expand their computer science program and implement innovative best practices and will each receive grants totaling $241,798.43 from the Arkansas Department of Education.

The recipients listed below can use the funds to cover the expenses associated with purchasing curriculum, software licenses, and non-fundamental equipment, and provide professional development or student incentives, as outlined in their submitted budgets.

  *   Fort Smith School District: $24,800.00
  *   Genoa Central School District: $19,943.00
  *   Greenland School District: $24,949.65
  *   Harrisburg Elementary School (Harrisburg School District): $19,871.40
  *   Jacksonville North Pulaski School District: $6,845.50
  *   Kirby School District: $5,605.17
  *   Lake Hamilton School District: $23,368.25
  *   Lakeside School District (Hot Springs): $7,137.92
  *   Little Rock School District: $7,000.00
  *   Manila High School (Manila School District): $12,139.52
  *   Monticello High School (Monticello School District): $20,000.00
  *   Ouachita River School District: $5,201.02
  *   Parkers Chapel School District: $19,937.00
  *   Springdale School District: $25,000.00
  *   Westside High School (Westside Consolidated School District): $20,000.00

Computer Science Education Week

December 3-9, 2018, is Computer Science Education Week. Arkansas will release a new computer science-related announcement each day. For a full listing of announcements as they are made, please visit the ADE Computer Science webpages at


DMESC Hour of Code

Hour of CodeDMESC Hour of Code

Stacey Southerland, Career & Technical Education Specialist at De Queen Mena Coop, teaches students about “Utility Connection” in the “Get Real – Here’s the Deal” program held at De Queen High School. Allen Stark, Agency Manager with Farm Bureau, teaches students about “Protecting Your Assets” in the “Get Real – Here’s the Deal” program held at De Queen High School.     


                                              Stacey DQ HS






2018 Battle of the Books Winners



2018 Reading Fair Winners