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Watching your child grow and develop is one of the joys of parenthood.

Sometimes you may notice your child can't do the same things that other children his or her age can do. Don't panic there's help.

Call your local school district or the local education service cooperative for information on services available for children or adolescents ages birth to 21 years, who have special needs.

Autumn Pope, School Age Children Cossatot River, Foreman, and Dierks (870) 582-3289

Brandi Sharp, School Age Children DeQueen (870) 584-4312

Ladonna Curtis, School Age Children Nashville (870) 845-3425

Janine Allen, School Age Children Mineral Springs (870) 287-4748

Christy Harrison, School Age Children Mena (479) 394-1710

Penny Fiorello, School Age Children Mt. Ida (870) 867-2323

William Edwards, School Age Children Ouachita River Schools (479) 394-2348

Jan Ueckert, School Age Children Ashdown Schools (870) 898-3208

Cindy Frachiseur, School Age Children Horatio Schools (870) 832-1940

Kathy Baker, School Age Children Caddo Hills Schools (870) 356-3857

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