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AR Science Standards

Arkansas K-12 Science Standards

AR Science Standards are actually student performance expectations. They are the end result of the teaching and learning (What the students should be able to do and understand).

The standards are very similar to the Next Generation Science Standards. This was purposely done in order for NGSS resources to be easily accessed and used by teachers. Both the Arkansas K-12 Science Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards are based on A Framework for K-12 Science Education (NRC 2012) and are meant to reflect a new vision for science education. A FREE download of the the book is available HERE.

The standards are written for 3-Dimensional teaching and learning. The Dimensions consist of science and engineering practices (SEPs), disciplinary core ideas (DCIs), and crosscutting concepts (CCC).

A new vision for science education is reflected in the following conceptual shifts.

  • reflect science as it is practiced and experienced in the real world,

  • build logically from Kindergarten through Grade 12,

  • focus on deeper understanding as well as application of content,

  • integrate practices, crosscutting concepts, and core ideas, and

  • make explicit connections to literacy and math.

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