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Early Childhood/ABC Coordinator

Diana Hicks

Diana Hicks, EC/ABC Coordinator


Office Phone:  479-385-4319

Cell Phone:  479-243-5332

Fax:  870-386-7731




DMEC Early Childhood Programs

Early Childhood Special Education Services

Arkansas Better Chance (ABC)

Home Instruction for Parent of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY)

Preschool Contact Information


Application for Employment in Early Childhood/ABC Program


Preschool and Early Childhood Forms



Special Education records are maintained in a secure location for 6 years after students graduaate or leave the district.  After that time, they are destroyed in a confidential manner.  Records are available to the student or parent (if the student is under 18) by request.  Call the Special Education Office at 479-385-4319 to make a request for records.