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Novice Teacher Mentoring

Lead Support Teachers:

     Janis Bremer: 

      profile pic  Terry Young:


The Novice Teacher Mentoring Program is designed to provide a novice teacher the support, assistance, and encouragement of a trained mentor in order for the novice teacher to learn the skills he or she needs to become an effective, knowledgeable teacher.  The DeQueen-Mena Education Service Cooperative provides a three-year mentoring program that addresses the needs of the novice teachers in our cooperative area.  In a desire to support all new teachers in our cooperative area, DMESC will address the needs of new teachers who are traditionally trained, working on MAT certification, as well as the non-traditional new teachers and early childhood teachers. Ed Reflect will be used to provide novice teachers and support lead teachers a platform for virtual coaching using the video observation template and Insight Reports to help guide feedback and professional development content.  DMESC utilized the Google classroom to disseminate information, share and access resources, and facilitate discussion and communication.  DMESC had national professional development company Kagan on site for a relevant session on Cooperative Learning with Kagan Structures.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, novice teachers participated in several virtual trainings developed and led by Janis Bremer and Terry Young, Lead Support teacher mentors.